Tender Requirement:

Bidders/Suppliers should submit the following bidding documents to the contract awarding committee of Qatar National Project Management:

  • A quotation or proforma Invoice covering the products to be supply
  • A letter of Intent stating suppliers ability to handle the contract
  • A letter authorizing and appointing a local company as agent/representative for the tender process
  • Completed copy of the company Application/ registration form
  • Proof of payment for the registration fee of $1,700 USD or its equivalent
  • Certificate of standard for the product to be supplied(if any)
  • Quotation of Products: Bidding companies quotations must be on Ex-Works or FOB basis.
  • Company Profile/Introduction: Bidders should in writing officially introduce their company for the Tender Procurement Committee to know them comprehensively.
  • Full Description of Bidding Products: Bidders should provide adequate information about their bidding products (Including lucid photos where necessary.
  • Bidding Companies are to bid with their standard product specification and best quality. Bidding documents must be drawn up preferably on the Tenderer's headed paper endorsed by the company president/CEO for Authentication purposes and must be addressed to our official address.
  • Quotations from companies that are experiencing financial flop will be rejected as such company may not utilize government funds for the purpose for which it was meant for.
  • Evidence of company registration: Each Tenderer must provide a documentary evidence of their registration or incorporation as a legal organization in their country of origin.
  • Other relevant documents/Information that may enhance the company's chances.

Tender Document:

All companies who wishes to have a copy of the official tender document does so buy purchasing the Tender documents through their local Agent who must be a licensed and accredited Agent of the Qatar National Project Management(QNPM ) with the sum of US$1000.0

Company/Tender Registration:

All our suppliers/contractors are under statutory legal legal obligation to be registered with this Committee as our legal and Non residential supplier with the sum of $1,700 USD only.This is payable to QNPM at the time of tender offer submission through the Accredited Agent representing the company in the Bid. Company Tender Registration and Submission Fee is 100% refundable to bidding companies that do not meet nomination status for Contract Award within two days of their formal disqualification from the tender.

Provincial Preference:

Tender evaluation and award of Contract will be done in accordance with the procedures outlined in the latest Guidelines and Instructions for the Implementation of Provincial Preference Policy and in accordance with the Public Tender Act, 2003 (Act 663), the Provincial Preference Act and associated Regulations.

Un-Acceptable Policies:

  • Tenders not submitted with the completed copy of the registration form
  • Tenders not submitted along with a proof of payment of the registration fee
  • Tenders containing additional clauses to the Tender Application/registration form
  • Tenders submitted with deviation to the requirement of this Board

NOTE: private contact between the Contracting authority and any Tender Company is prohibited, salvage and exceptionally in cases where clarification of the tender dossier is necessary. Should a tender company need any explanation prior to the Bid, such request should be called to the attention of the Contract Awarding Committee through their local representative/agent and attendant responses will be published by the Chairman of the Committee as a circular.

Opening of Bids:

Submitted bids will be opened by the Chairman of the Contract Awrding Committee within three working days of the bid submission. Pre-qualified/nominated companies with realistic quotations and needed product line will be contacted for the verification of their company.

Contract Payment:

Successful Company(s) will receive their contract payment in their preferred bank account within Five (5) working days of Contract Agreement Endorsement.

Tender Procedures of Qatar National Project Management

Terms and Conditions of Participation:

Eligibility and rules of origin of Participation: All our tender supply project is open to all legal persons(Participating either individually or in a group(consortium) of tenders,foreign companies which are established in all country or territory of the regions covered and/or authorized by the specific instruments applicable to the program under which the contract is financed, All products supplied under this contract must be of good quality and in compliance with standard.

Submission of Tender/Bid Document:

Tender Submission Procedures - Bids/SuppIy document must be submitted by hand to the Secretary of the Committee through the government accredited Agent that will function as a local representative of the company throughout the tender supply processes..

Supply/Delivery Duration:

The tender supply duration is 1-12 months after the suppliers confirmation of full payment and also partial shipment/delivery is allow.

Contract Signing:

The contract agreement can be sign electronically i.e by email or by proxy but shall the Board request that the company appear in person,then such company should avail themselves at this invitation.But also any supplier who wish to come for the contract Signing by volution should notify this office in writing.

Payment Term:

Every contract winner receives 80% advance payment and then 20% before shipment,QNPM also reserves the sole right to pay 100% advance in full.

Meeting and Site Visit:

Qatar National Project Management may at their discretion send a delegation to the suppliers company in other to ascertain their production plant,level of production in progress and have a meeting therein,a supplier who wishes to come for an official negotiation is allow to visit this office on appointment.

Language of the Contract:

All written communications for this tender procedure and contract must be in English Language All contract supply document must be address to:

Qatar National Project Management
P. O. Box No: 1855
Doha Tower

Tender Documents to be Submitted:

The following document are required to be submitted by supplier as their contract supply document.
-A quotation or proforma Invoice covering the products to be supply
-A letter of Intent stating suppliers ability to handle the contract
-A letter authorizing and appointing a local company as agent/representative for the tender process
-Completed copy of the registration
-Proof of payment for the registration fee
- Certificate of standard for the product to be supplied(if any)


Roles and Functions

Qatar National Project Management is competent of the development of the overall vision for the state, in cooperation with the concerned authorities; preparation of national development strategies; follow-up of their implementation, in coordination with the concerned authorities; preparation of studies and population policies related to such strategies; supporting the planning process in government agencies; working on linking development priorities to the state budget; monitoring the progress of implementation of plans. It is also mandated to establish an integrated statistical system; conduct, organize and supervise formal statistical operations; implement various censuses and surveys; and disseminate statistical data and products.